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Houseboat insurance

Our Houseboat Insurance is for people who love to live on the water. Whether this concerns a newly built houseboat or former professional vessels converted into houseboats, with the Houseboat Insurance, you are insured of excellent cover.

What is insured by the Houseboat Insurance?

With the Houseboat Insurance, you insure yourself against damage due, for example to fire, explosion, break-in, theft, vandalism and external perils such as storm, lightning strike and collision. Damage due to inherent defect is also insured. In addition, lifting and clean-up costs, salvage money, rescue and salvage costs are insured.

For damage to third parties, a very broad third-party liability cover up to € 2,500,000 per damage incident available. You can think of property damage, bodily injury or environmental pollution.

The Houseboat Insuance is also in force during transport from and to the shipyard, while taking the ship out of the water or launching it, and during the stay at the shipyard.

Your valuable property and contents can be insured by a separate content insurance for houseboats


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