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Unlike many other companies, we as ship insurer offer pleasure craft insurance policies not just as an 'aside'. On the contrary: TVM verzekeringen the insurance of pleasure craft is a specialism. This enables you to benefit from an comprehensive cover withoutunnecessary frills at a keen, fixed premium which does not depend on claim figures. And should you ever suffer damage, you can then rely on quickand flexible claim settlement. In this way, you can enjoy the water free to care. Your hobby should, after all remain your hobby, shoul it not?

What is insured by the Boat Insurance?

Damage to your own vessel

Your vessel, with engine, contents, navigation equipment and other appurtenances, is insured against the perils of sailing,such as collisions and running aground. Your vessel is also insured against external perils of sailing, such as storm, lightning strike, vandalism, fire, explosion and theft. The consequences of inherent defect are insured as well. This complete cover also applies during winter storage, road transport, taking out of the water or launching or repair.


For damage caused to third parties, the Boat Insurance can offer very broad third-party liability cover up to € 2,500,000 per incident. You can rely this cover in case of property damage, personal injury and environmental pollution.


Through a covered incident, costs can (must) be made. With the Boat Insurance, you are assured of lifting and clean-up costs, salvage money, rescue and salvage costs.

Vessel Assistance Insurance

The Vessel Assistance Insurance is an expansion of the Boat Insurance, and offers you cover for the costs of:

  • repatriation of the vessel after damage
  • replacement captain/skipper in case of sickness or accident
  • sending of parts

The Vessel Assistance is completely free with your Boat Insurance!

You can expand the Boat Insurance at a small premium by a legal assistance insurance policy. With the Eigen Jurist Polis voor Pleziervaartuigen ("Own Lawyer Policy for Pleasure Craft"), you will have your own lawyer available, who will advise and assist you in the event of a legal conflict.

What additional benefits does your Boatinsurance offer you?
  • voluntary excess
  • favourable no-claim scheme with bonus protection
  • free Vessel Assistance Insurance
  • choice of various large sailing areas

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