Hull and machinery insurance

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Hull and machinery insurance

This insurance covers damage to the vessel, machinery and appurtenances - such as fixtures and fittings and nautical equipment - caused by all navigation peril and external contingencies. Think, for example of storms, collision and shipwreck, but this insurance also covers fire, explosion and theft. This insurance also covers collision damage to third parties.

Example 1:

Through a communication error, you hit another vessel sailing into the port, causing serious damage to your as well as the other party's vessel.

Example 2:

You are hit in Germany by a vessel with rudder failure. The other party relies on force majeure.We compensate the damage to your ship, after which we conduct a recovery action - also on your behalf.

Several strengts of our insurance are:
  • low excess for collision damage
  • 100% reimbursement of salvage charges
  • excellent engine cover with a maximised deduction for damage
  • high percentage of compensation of damage to propeller/propeller axle
  • 100% reimbursement of hull share in general average
  • favourable no-claim scheme, with discout up to 25%

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